Oh! Hi there, whether you know us or haven't heard anything about our agency and our work, doesn't matter, you're about to realize what we're made of.

We are Lucky Ideas and before you go further in our site, you have to know it's going to be different of what you're used to see as an 'agency site'. If you're looking for who we are, our services and portfolio you're in the wrong place, for that just give us a call and gladly we can schedule a meeting 馃槈

This website is the reflexion of our values, which rule our decisions and results but most likely cause you: joy, annoy, laugh, discomfort, wrath, envy, surprise, empathy, arrogance or disbelief. But never INDIFFERENCE.

We know our style is not made for everyone, and may be we are not meant for each other, but we know there are too many 'traditional' agencies and sincerely we've never liked to fit in.

Mental note: Don't take it personal, it's just f***ing advertising. 馃槝 馃槝 馃槝

Do yo wanna fly with us?

Who are you?

Are you looking a
100% digital agency,
independent, young and
fresh, like us 馃槈?

Well, we know
we're not them but
Rome wasn't built
in a day, give time
to the time:

Do you believe
on functional advertising?

We would like you to
answer NO to tell you
we are Irreverent,
disruptive and ambitious

but we know they can
help you:

If you didn't take it
personally and you
felt identified
with us, we'd like
to work with you.
Do yo wanna fly?

Alejandro Mu帽oz



(33) 31 65 14 77/80

Fray Francisco Frejes #175,

Col. Ladr贸n de Guevara,

Guadalajara, Jalisco.

C.P. 44650

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It's nice to have you here, most
probably you're disappointed
about not finding our
portfolio, but this is our best
way to help you find the right
agency. If you're looking to
change job, keep clicking.

Ok, here is
our portfolio.

Are you looking for
an agency depending on
how much it pays you?

We like money too,
but we don't see it as
a goal but as a result.
Here you'll get what you
want, but you may not
like the job:

Do you believe
hunger is better
than talent?

We appreciate talent,
but we prefer hunger of
being. These agencies
favor talent:

If you didn't take it
personally and you
felt identified
with us, we'd like
to work with you.
Do yo wanna fly?

Bring this code to the
agency and let's share
a beer next friday.

(We reserve the right to let you in)
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Come and grow with us.
Be bolder and disruptive.
Enjoy work and its rewards.
Choose being ambitious.


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