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Brand identity design

Know and communicate who you are. In short, how do you want to be perceived by customers. Much more than a logo creation, brand identity design covers all the elements a company creates to potray it´s image to the consumer.

Consider it diving into your brand’s elements. We will cover your brand mission, it’s values, personality, positioning and voice tone until we have the building blocks of your brand clear. Only once we set who you are as a brand, we start building your brand’s design. Ranging from logo design to web design, from digital to print, from colours to typography we will cover the basic elements that remain constant through your communication and facilitate brand recognition.

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Ok, but what will you do?

In a nutshell, we will make you stand out.

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Defining Goals

Prints & Promotional

We keep hearing print is dead. Well, we don´t believe so, in fact we think there is nothing quite like handing over a business card, or looking at a good poster. At Mandelbrot you will find a passionate designer that loves and believes in the value of print as an essential part of any marketing plan. In a world increasingly more digital, print is sure to be a distinctive factor, so go ahead and start making your business cards, menus, banners or posters, booklets, brochures or stickers.

So how will you help me?

From business cards to posters, brochures and stickers, we have it covered, plus we’ll take time to deal with the printers and explain all the issues related to color.
We have suppliers who love working with printed materials and we are confident they can meet the highest expectations of the market.